Hospitality in the Park

CIASA VERVEI - School hospitality

The present building has maintained its original characteristics. It was reconstructed from a former roadman’s house belonging to the Italian road maintenance company (ANAS) built, in its turn, on the remains of a World War 1 construction. 
The imposing south face of Tofana, one of the most spectacular views  of the Natural Park of the Ampezzo Dolomites is just a few minutes away.

The scope of the Park management is to offer tourists the enthralling experience of a  journey through the nature of the amazing surroundings. 

Renovation works restored the main building leaving the original stone structures intact, whereas the new spaces have become part of the environment in a discrete, almost invisible, way leaving Nature as protagonist. The rooms, embedded in the ridge of the mountain, overlook the Ampezzo valley. They explicitly  recall local “brites, simple huts scattered in the valley used by herdsmen as shelter for the pastoral season. Simple wooden structures, today as in the past, whose light and shade effects blend discretely with the surrounding forest and soften the visual impact.

All the wood utilized for room furnishings are of local origin, supplied by the Park; larch floorings and  stone-pine furnishings imbue the room with their fragrances, enhanced by the absence of  paint products and solvents. Archaic natural materials, like the unfired clay of some walls, are meant to reduce the distance between Man/the tourists and Nature/the Park. Each room, decorated with natural pigments, echoes a particular characteristic of the Park: rocks, glaciers, meadows, pasturelands, forests, and sunsets... The Park and its naturalness enter the room and remain with you throughout your stay. 

Totally immersed in nature, far from the hubbub of the city, to rediscover the slow flow of time and listen to the whispers of the woods, drink spring water from the tap (suitably debacterized) that gushes out of the rocks a few metres uphill, protected from electron-acoustic pollution thanks to the earth roof flooring and from noxious gases like radon, thanks to the special barriers buried in the concrete structures. 

The former roadsman's house of Vervei was restored with the specific purpose to offer accommodation to young students and offer them the exciting opportunity to experience first hand and understand the Natural Park of the Ampezzo Dolomites.

The existing building was owned by the  Regole, the managing body of the Natural Park of the Ampezzo Dolomites and interventions were made possible thanks to the contribution of Regione Veneto through the European Fund for the regional development POR – OBIETTIVO COMPETITIVITA’ REGIONALE E OCCUPAZIONE PARTE FESR “FONDO EUROPEO DI SVILUPPO REGIONALE” 2007-2013.- 




School groups are entitled to a 40% discount on the price list during all the school period.

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